Terms & Condtions

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All prices exclude VAT (15%).

Orders will be cancelled if not taken within 5 days.

  • A handling fee of 20% will be charged for all returned orders 
  • Please note: Only undamaged items will be considered.
  • Deliveries made to a 3rd party will be charged at 5% of the value of your invoice with a minimum fee of R250 and a max. of R1500

 Our guarantee covers workmanship and components only. 

  • This guarantee excludes abuse and normal wear and tear. 
  • Chairs used 5 days a week, 9 hours a day is considered “normal use”. 
  • Chairs are guaranteed on the basis that we reserve the right to firstly repair faulty items and secondly replace. 
  • Chairs are guaranteed for normal individual weight of 120kg. 
  • Our guarantee is a “Back to Base” guarantee, meaning all costs for returning the product to either place of purchase (our customer) or 
  • Chair imports premises are the responsibility of the purchaser (our customer).


When ordering please specify if you want items assembled or boxed (unassembled).

Chair Imports reserves the right to change, improve or discontinue any products without prior notice.